Kat And Die Kunst

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Folk Rock

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  1. Platzkart -:-- / 4:16

Weight on the air drives the nails into coffins
An outcome uncertain it happens too often
Tension it heightens the turn of the screw
Pieces that tighten no force can undo
When the tones of the words like the tones of the notes
Dark in the hearing but in memory floats

For with time they are flattened muted but not mute
A tempo reloaded and ready to shoot
Forth no melody mastered no harmony here
The rests arrive broken the key change unclear
Where to go with the movement and where to begin
When majors turn minor these outcomes look dim

Push through a stanza with notes on a paper
A runaway train whose brakes will not break her
She’s racing cross country she’s over the rails
Blowing the warning the whistle it wails
There’s a panic momentum that burns with the fever
The push of a button the pull of a lever

And hope starts to fade as the wheels they turn faster
No brightness remains as it heads for disaster
The wagons they sway the wheels lift from the track
See the game that they play as they gently fall back
Into place but the question like thunder remains
Following lightning but before the rain

Push through an evening when chemicals flow
In the bittersweet morning those words lost their glow
Though they started with reason direction and splendour
They conquer the moment to time they surrender
Blown like a gale in the midst of the fury
Hold on to the seconds but constantly hurry

Grasping at memories that fade with the daylight
Repair broken bones and prepare for a new night
Fulfilling those fantasies fast moving frames
Absorbing the energies deflect the blame
Seizing the moment before it slips by
Holding on to the mystery letting it fly

© Kat And Die Kunst

With Chris Finlay on the Pedal Steel and Christine Giguère on the Cello.